Letters of Support for New Heights Educational Group

These are letters of support and appreciation are from parents, teachers and students thanking us for the work that we do for communities in Ohio. It is our pleasure to post these letters and comments from the people who walked through our doors in order to show the impact we have had on their lives.

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Letter from Heather Ruggiero

For nine months I volunteered with New Heights, where I monitored tutoring sessions, made online course materials and worked as a one-on-one tutor. Each role provides satisfaction of its own kind, because all volunteers support a meaningful mission.

When I first chose to volunteer at New Heights, I had no idea exactly how rewarding the experience would be. What gratification can be compared to the possibility of making a lasting, positive impact on another person’s life? Helping students learn, overcome struggles and watching them emerge with new skills and confidence in their abilities is a powerfully fulfilling experience.

The rewards are far greater than sipping a hot cocoa on a cold winter day, watching a highly anticipated movie for the first time or walking through the park when all the autumn leaves have exploded into brightly colored hues.

With Pamela Clark’s leadership, the nonprofit is always growing and improving. She is forward-thinking, considerate and shows that she appreciates individuals who volunteer their time to the organization. Volunteers are listened to and regularly communicated with, so they always feel connected to the group. Although volunteering usually implies no compensation, it is not without its paybacks.

While tutoring, helping a student also taught me how to be a better teacher. For me, volunteering has been an even greater educational experience than most of the personal and professional development courses I have taken. Volunteering has been time well spent. It’s no surprise that a growing body of research supports that volunteering yields both physical and mental health benefits. This is also true to my personal experience. However, the quality of the organization a person volunteers at is also of importance.

Over the years, I have been a volunteer with four different organizations. My best experience has been with New Heights Educational Group. New Heights Educational Group is a nonprofit of the highest caliber.


Heather Ruggiero

One Student’s Journey By Susan Zartman, Math Tutor

I began tutoring sessions with my student* in February 2011, when she and I identified her challenging areas as – the metric system, fractions and percentages. We have worked methodically over the past year to improve her understanding, and what follows is just a brief glimpse of her amazing academic journey.

We started with the metric system. First, she began to understand the importance of prefixes, then she converted English measurements to metric and back again. Fractions came next. In order to add and subtract, she learned to covert whole numbers into fractions and find the lowest common multiple to make denominators equal. We progressed to multiplying and dividing fractions, converting fractions into decimals and applying direct and inverse proportions to maps and scales.

She was ready to tackle ratios and percentages in May. Soon, she could find percentages and express ratios; calculate increases and decreases of set values; and find mean, mode, and medium.

Pre-Algebra began in August 2011, only six months after our first days of tutoring. She had increased her calculation speed drastically, and she was now learning basic algebra concepts such as integers, distributive properties, simplifying algebraic expressions and solving equations through basic operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing).

A new year (2012) rang in a new topic: Algebra. She mastered simple and longer equations, as well as negative numbers. We then moved on to “x” as a variable. We combined multiple “x”, freed the trapped “x”, solved fractions with “x” on top and bottom and solved for “x” on both sides of the equation.

We recently completed chapters on roots and powers, and now we’re working on second-degree equations! During our year together, she has progressed through two grade levels in math. Though she began as a B student, it didn’t take her long to excel, become and stay an “A” student.

I’m amazed at her determination and accomplishments!

*student wishes to remain anonymous

Letter from Mary Ann Mitchell Hurst

Dear Pamela Clark,

I have been aware of and am amazed by you and your family’s tireless self-sacrificing efforts to reach children and adults struggling with personal educational issues. You have often forwarded interesting enrichment opportunities to my children and me. I was a member of New Heights for four years until I decided to put my youngest into the local high school. She is so involved there, and my finances are so tight this year that I chose to not renew my $65 family membership. However, I continue to make my garage available to New Heights as a library location because I believe in what you are doing.

I am equally impressed with how you have reached out to professionals and agencies in the community trying to build collaboration with such agencies as the Defiance Area Foundation, the Experience Works program and Four County Family Center, while also reaching out to parents through advertised meetings, etc.

It is impossible for any one agency to meet all the special needs of area student/family populations, whether those students are homeschooled, enrolled online in a charter school or attending classes in actual school building classrooms. As a substitute teacher in the public and parochial classrooms in Northwest Ohio, I see many students and families who could benefit from your services if they were more easily accessible with more people available to provide your agency’s services in a central location other than a private home.

I personally like being able to build bridges for New Heights while working in the local schools, as well as working to improve understanding of and communication between people working within different educational arenas. While previously involved in home school associations in this geographic area, I often saw the need for more positive attitudes between educators of different philosophies and domains and the blending of resources and approaches.

New Heights is an organization that can make inroads in this endeavor if there are more people available to carry out the vision.

Although you have tapped many volunteer resources locally and nationally through the internet, funding of tutors and office space would definitely make it easier to provide a concrete image and services that could be promoted publicly. Increased funding would also make it easier to provide online teaching opportunities and online tutoring opportunities. Money would be available to pay teachers who are willing to contribute to New Heights’ work in that way but may not be able to afford doing it for free.

You have great vision. I can only hope that doors open for New Heights financially so that you can truly have the funds to locate New Heights in its own office with staff to help you reach the many people who could benefit from the multitude of services you are trying to offer as one person. There are so many directions New Heights could expand, one direction at a time, if there were funds available to even provide adequate service in one area that would help raise money that could open up another area of funded service. I continue to hope and pray for your efforts at grant searching and writing to be blessed and more fruitful.


Mary Ann Mitchell Hurst

Letter from Dawn L.

New Heights is a great group with a wealth of information, books in their library, helpful hints, a large website and caring staff full of confident-building comments to help make the decisions that is right for each family.

When we were looking for a group in our haste to get removed from public school due to medical issues, New Heights was there with open arms helping us on our way with kind words, help with paperwork and a feeling that we can do this ourselves and get the results we were looking for.

Dawn L

Letter from Christina W.

September 5, 2009

To whom it may concern:

My name is Christina L. West. I am a parent of a disabled child with learning disabilities. I am also a proud member of the New Heights Educational Group stemming from my son’s particular circumstances, in that his education is currently being provided by the Ohio Department of Education Autism Scholarship Program, an individualized education program that brings together a wide range of educators, therapists, physicians, and community services to meet the needs of an autistic student. New Heights Educational Group helps me to successfully assemble those together. It is also New Heights Educational Group’s unique specialties and their array of information and services that enables me as a parent to provide not only for my child but myself to maintain that quality of education, special services and care.

It would behoove other organizations and government agencies to take a closer look at News Heights Educational Group’s unyielding commitment to its members, the outreach that they so often donate to the community, as an example of sheer will and true charity to meet the needs of others.

For my family and to this community New Heights Educational Group is undoubtedly a vital asset to us all.

Thank you.

Most Sincerely,

Christina W.

Letter from Deanne J.

New Heights has helped me a lot with homeschooling.


Deanne J

Letter from Lisa C.

To whom it may concern:

Sept. 6, 2009

My name is Lisa and I would like to tell you what the New Heights Educational Group has done for me. I am a mother of two children. My oldest is 16 and is in our local public school. She is doing very well there. However my son, who is 13, is attending an online charter school. He had been struggling for several years prior to this.

When I ran across the New Heights Educational Group’s website I was amazed at the information it had to offer. I contacted Pamela Clark and set up a time to meet her. I told her my son’s story and she was able to give me all the information and support that I needed. I have seen a huge change in my son in regards to his schoolwork.  He is becoming more independent in his studies.

We enjoy all that New Heights has to offer. We go on field trips, have enrichment classes, tutors to help our kids and many activities throughout the year. It is a very active and growing educational group. I do not know of another group near me that offers this to all families regardless of school choice. Since I have children in public and charter schools, most places refuse to help. Pamela Clark is quite knowledgeable and very passionate when it comes to anything dealing with kids.

We are blessed to have come across this group and hope that it will continue to grow and thrive.


Lisa C.

Letter from The Collins Family

Sept. 6, 2009

Dear New Heights,

Thank you for providing my family with a computer. With this addition to our family my children will be able to use this for school. Without your help my children would not have this opportunity. As my daughter gets older she brings more homework home and several of her courses involve things that need done on the computer. We will also be able to participate in online classes now as well.


The Collins Family

Letter from Lisa S

May 31, 2009

Dear New Heights Educational Group,

I am writing this letter to present the great learning benefits of having the archeology classes available to my family. I would not be able to financially afford the classes unless they could be offered for free. Having these classes available would greatly enhance my children’s understanding of history and geography. My one son has always loved geography and memorized all the states from a map when he was six years old. However, he has not been able to really pursue his interest as his school has not yet focused on states, capitals and learning other cultures.

The availability of these classes would be a fantastic opportunity to expand my children’s knowledge of the study of archeology, how this interesting field reveals the secrets of the past, and how our history is built upon the cultures, knowledge and experience of those who have gone before us. I would so appreciate having this learning option available.


Lisa S

Letter from Jeannette Y

Hi Pamela,

It was such a joy to speak to you last night. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I am so grateful that you are willing to help us. Believe me we need all the help we can get.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you.


Jeannette Y (August 29, 2009)

Letter from Maggie S

Sat, May 30, 2009

My name is Maggie, and I have been with Pamela Clark from the beginning as a part of New Heights.  Three of my kids partook of the classes that Jeremy taught and they really enjoyed them. We are a one-income family with 4 kids. My husband works construction and has always been able to provide for us. The slowing economy has hit the construction business hard and times have been tough for us. We made a commitment to homeschool our kids and this grant would help us with this. Our children love history and solving puzzles.


Maggie S

Letter from Lisa C

May 30, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Lisa C, and my family was involved with the first Archaeology Module that New Heights Educational Group offered. It was a good learning experience for us. We would love to continue with this. I believe that it is important for my children to learn about the history of this wonderful world that we live in. This type of hands on learning is how my son learns. With the opportunities that New Heights Educational Group offers, he is able to interact with other students and attend some great classes.

Thank you,

Lisa C

Letter from Christina W

October 5, 2009

Dear Mrs. Clark,

I would like to take this time to thank you and your organization for the generous gift of two computers for my son, Thomas, and myself. It is indeed a gift that we will not only treasure but one that we will use day in and day out now and in the future for academics. Your commitment to children, leading a clear path toward their academics is by far most commendable and true. Thank you again for the generous kindness and help.

Most Sincerely,

Christina W

Letter from Kassy R.


Thank you for your time and work in setting up all of these activities at the Y! Many of us from Van Wert are grateful to be able to participate.

Thank you again!

Kassy R.

Letter from Laura M.

March 29, 2008

I really want to thank you for the hard work you have done, not only with the YMCA swim and gym, but with providing wonderful info for all of us out there who want to educate our children. I see this as a beautiful gift that God has given you and a blessing to all. I know that might sound corny (I kinda am like that), but I don’t think people today really give enough positive statements to one another. I am so thankful for the hard work you have done so that I can keep my kids involved with others as well as new ideas for educating them. I am hoping to start coming to your meetings. I know that there are many members that participate in the swim and gym that are from Van Wert Group, like me.

God bless you, and I’ll see you soon.


Laura M.

Letter from Johnathon G

[This is from a young man who was an employee of New Heights and had Autism]


I am writing to thank all those people at New Heights Educational Group for providing me with the opportunity to expand my job skills, by being very welcoming and friendly individuals.

These people allowed me to be myself and they didn’t have any concern about what school I went to, or what my old job skills were; they treated me with respect, were friendly and were willing to get to know me as a person and not just a number or just another employee that was there to work and collect a paycheck. And with that said, I was glad I decided to work for New Heights, for I learned an array of new job skills and refreshed on some things I had almost forgotten. So, I thank Pamela Clark for being a great employer, Mary Ann for being a great supervisor and Terrah C for being nice employee on the last days of my employment.

Johnathon G

Letter from Jacob B.

In reference to an online class we offered a while back:

January 5, 2010

This has been by far the funnest class I’ve ever taken.

Jacob B.

Letter from Joy Y.

September 16, 2009

Hi Pamela,

Thanks for the wonderful class. Eliza was shy because other kids are in high school already. Thank you for your hard work!

Joy Y.

Letter from Susan

As Joshua entered high school, his father had found himself unable to take care of Josh. So I took leave of absence from my job to take care of him and finish his schooling. He was 14 at the time, so I didn’t take him to the doctor for an ADHD prescription feeling that he had outgrown the need for medication.

Joshua would come home occasionally complaining about fighting with a bully in school, even got detention once for swinging back on one. It took the school 3 months to call me to say there is a problem and wanted him back on medication. At the same time, I told them “I need to know right away when this happens, so I can take care of the situation.” Well, we went to the doctor and got an ADHD script and never heard from the school again until IEP time, even though Josh would tell me of confrontations still going on.

The grades Josh got were not the best. With ADHD considered, straight A’s were not expected on my part. He also had lazy streaks, so if he was getting a good grade in one class, he would neglect the homework and work on something else. However, he would work on big, long assignments and get horrible grades just because he didn’t have the right instructions or full instructions. Then, when I asked about his special education class, he would normally say that he is pushed to the side so they can help others in the room that are worse off than he was.

During the IEP is when my eyes were opened for the first time. They said Josh tested at 4th grade level for writing and spelling. Comprehension, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary were all below average. His female teachers complained they couldn’t read his assignments along with other minor problems. Being shocked, appalled and angered even more, I was unable to speak. His father spoke up and said the homework assignments needed to be checked by someone because he was writing them down wrong. This meeting took place in April, and by the end of the school year, not one assignment came home to me signed by a teacher.

With school coming to a close for that year, it was apparent to me that if Josh stayed in public school he would graduate and not be able to spell or write. What would he do after graduation? Flip burgers at McDonalds? College or trade school would be out of the question, and my son deserved better treatment than this. Something had to change, so our adventure in homeschool began.

Now, after homeschooling for one year, he is able to write complete sentences with correct punctuation, and finished 3 grade levels of spelling, which was accomplished only by help from Pamela Clark. All of his grades improved to A’s or B’s by the close of the first semester. The GPA average in public school was 2.0, and homeschool this year is 3.8.

Beside academically, Josh has improved as a son and a friend. He doesn’t have anger issues like he used to. Has a willingness to help me or other family members with anything needing to get done. Some of his friends feel he has more patience and can communicate better with them now.

Although he has accomplished a lot, we still have a long way to go.


Letter from Misty

Hi, my name is Misty, and this is my life dealing with the public schools.

When I was in the 2nd grade, I had a teacher, Mrs. B. She was so mean to me I had nightmares and threw up all the time because of her. She would tell me how stupid I was and threaten to spank me. If she were mad at me she would just make me miss out on recess and other opportunities. My mom tried to switch teachers for me, but Mrs. S would not do anything about it. She would scream at me and tell me how worthless I was on a daily basis. One day she had me so upset I threw up in her classroom, and I was punished for it and made fun of. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the harm that she caused me, and I’m 30 years old. The principal at school at the time was Mr. S. He was evil, and one day I had told him of this boy that was calling me bad names and he made me repeat the bad words to him forcefully and that made me really sad! The next year while I was standing in line for PE class there was an uncovered boiler pipe that I put my arm on accidentally and burned it really bad but they did not seem to care. I had to beg them to call my dad to come and get me. To this day my arm has a really big and bad scar on it.

I was called stupid by the teaching staff; even the bus drivers were mean and disrespectful, not just to me but to the other students as well. If you would be noisy they would stomp on the breaks so you would hit your head on the seat in front of you. When I made it finally to Sr. High I was still in LD classes, and you could only be friends with other LD students because other children were taught not to talk or play with you because you were so stupid, and there was no help if you didn’t get; you just didn’t get it. No one cares if you made it or not. When I made it over to a trade school I had a teacher that tried to molest me and was not punished at all for it, and there were 2 of us girls that told on him. I still have nightmares about school and wake up drenched in sweat.

Then I sent my little girl to school and since she was bigger than the other children in her class she was made fun of all the time and a teacher was just as bad as the other kids were to her. The teacher smacked her around and pinched her arm and left bruises on her. I called child protective services on Mrs. Snyder but nothing came of it, and the teacher was mad at me and my little girl for telling. So, when the other children got milk in the class she wasn’t allowed to have any because the teacher was punishing her for telling. I had several meetings with the principal, and she told me and my husband that if they did not want them to put their hands on my child then they said, well then if she runs out in front of cars or bus we will just let her get hit. Now I would go on and on and on but I won’t.

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope in some small way we can get the schools and staff to realize the trauma they cause the children and their parents. When you’re in a special education class you’re placed not passed to the next grade. You can do no work, get Os and still be placed in the next grade.


Letter from Nathan H

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my thanks and support to New Heights Educational Group. Although I only use a few of the resources that New Heights provides, I find it very beneficial to be a part of this group. New Heights helped my family through the process of signing my son out of school and filling out the proper paperwork that our state requires. New Heights has made available to me a library of educational materials that I can sign out and use. They also give my family the opportunity to take part in field trips, various classes, volunteer opportunities, tickets to various theater productions and general information about home education. My family also intends on using New Heights to help us through the assessment process at the end of the school year. In my opinion, it is beneficial to have a group like New Heights to back you in your decision to homeschool, and, furthermore, I feel they provide a valuable service to the homeschool community.


Nathan H

Letter from Maggie

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I am writing a letter of recommendation and approval for New Heights Educational Group. My name is Maggie, and I have been with New Heights since before the beginning. I helped Pamela Clark put together our homeschool group and out of that came New Heights, which has been a nonprofit for the last two years. I was Vice-President, and, now, I am a Board member.

We have made many lifetime friends through this group, and it is an integral part of my children’s lives. Over the years we have gone on many field trips such as: Put-In-Bay, COSI Toledo and Columbus, Toledo Zoo, Ft. Wayne Zoo, Renaissance Festival, Rock Show in Ft. Wayne, Lazer X, Clymer Wildlife Museum, and soon we will be going to the Spangler Candy Company. This past school year we have been meeting biweekly for the kids to have a cooking class. They themselves do all of the cooking, and then they get to eat their product.

Last month, my oldest daughter, Correena started a class where she is teaching all of the other kids about people who have an amazing true life story. These are people you wouldn’t learn in history class at school, and she is doing this after the cooking class.

Also, being with New Heights, my second oldest daughter, Kathryne, who has many learning disadvantages has been able to learn at her own pace without the fear of discrimination and ridicule. As a parent, I thoroughly enjoy how the older kids interact with the younger ones.

I am going to continue to be a member of New Heights for many years to come.



Letter from Teresa Molnar

To Whom It May Concern:

First Baptist Church in Defiance, OH, has had the privilege of hosting the New Heights Educational Group, a Resource and Literacy Center, to use our classroom building for free over the last 3 years. They would meet once or twice a month for educational classes and to have annual events.

We have gladly offered this service to them since we believe in what they are accomplishing.


Teresa Molnar
FBC Secretary

Letter from Emilie Handley

August 29, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of the New Heights Educational Group, Inc. and the work they offer to our community.

Founder / Director, Pamela Clark has been a true blessing to the kids who have worked with her through my program.  A quick outline of the YouthWorks work experience program is:  giving youth the opportunity to hold a temporary job where they can earn a paycheck, learn what it takes to hold a job, and possibly explore a career path of interest.

Over the last two years when partnering with New Heights Educational Group, my clients have learned so much about working in group and individual projects. Services that my clients were exposed to included front-office work, research, website updating, grant proposals and many other useful leadership/life skills needed in today’s workforce.

In conclusion, I fully support New Heights Educational Group and look forward to working with them for years to come.


Emilie Handley

Letter from Eunice Wadewitz

Dear Mrs. Clark,

As Music & Education Director of the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre, I respectfully submit this letter as documentation of participation of New Heights Educational Group in the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre IN THE WINGS Arts-in-Education Program.

IN THE WINGS provides free theatrical opportunities to at-risk and economically disadvantage youth and their families through schools and social service agencies. The program includes free tickets to special performances of main stage productions, which are followed by talkbacks with the cast and crew of each production, tours of the theater, workshops, internships, and study guides of each show. New Heights Educational Group has been a participant since its inception, requesting as many as 40 tickets per production and has shown great interest in providing these unique opportunities for its members.

We are pleased to share this experience with New Heights in the hopes of encouraging the students in their endeavors and providing opportunities they may not normally have, and we are committed to continuing collaboration with New Heights in the IN THE WINGS Program.


Eunice Wadewitz
Music & Education Director
Defiance Area Foundation
507 Fifth Street, Defiance, Ohio 43512
Phone: (419) 782-3130
[email protected]

Letter from Christine R. Yoder

July 23, 2012

To Whom it May Concern:

I am happy to write this letter on behalf of New Heights Education Group and the support they provide to our community.

Pamela Clark and her team have provided an outreach to the community, and we have been blessed that we have been able to support them financially over the past several years. They are passionate about their mission and assisting the educational needs of young people through individual education and training.

They are dedicated to the people they serve and providing attention, support and nurturing of individuals and families in and around Defiance County.

Christine R. Yoder
Executive Director

Letter from Maggie Spangler

Feb 12, 2013

I have been with New Heights Educational Group since the beginning. New Heights offers so many services and over the years; I have taken advantage of several. With 3 children and now 4, the extensive library has saved me close to a $1,000 over the years. The tutoring services have been a God send to one of my children and has helped her to excel. The Enrichment Classes presented an opportunity for the children to get together and pursue what interested them. For instance, in the past we had cooking classes, Latin, gym time, and my one daughter was able to combine her love of history and research, contacting the individuals involved and poetry into an enriching history curriculum where the other children were able to learn about these said involved individuals, who are unsung heroes of history, and then were able to interview them.

What would learning be without field trips? Over the years we have been on wide variety of field trips as a group. Not only do the children learn about the topic or place but they also have fun and get to spend time with other kids. This provides an opportunity for them to make friends and learn how to interact with others, along with the Enrichment Classes. I have taken advantage of the High School Transcripts class, and that has helped me beyond measure.

New Heights also offers amazing opportunities and a safe environment where your children can volunteer. For anyone who has high schoolers, volunteering is extremely crucial when applying for scholarships and for getting accepted to the college of your dreams.

Maggie Spangler

Letter from Daniela.

From: Daniela Silva
To: Pamela Clark <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 2:32 PM
Subject: educational writer_award


I got in my house, and I loved the ” Educational Writer Award.” More proof of affection and recognition you and the entire team has had for volunteers. I want you to know, that even far away, I feel close to “New Heights Educational group.” I hope to contribute increasingly to the institution, through of articles, content and education materials. I love being part of NHEG, and love even more to contribute to what I have to offer, in an attempt to constantly improve the lives of thousands of people. May God bless us in this beautiful project and empower us to do more and more good work!

A big hug, of the size of Brazil!


Letter from Correena Spangler

August 30, 2013

Dear Mrs. Clark,

I am writing on behalf of Ms. Susan Zartman and her work as a tutor for the New Heights Educational Group, Inc. Ms. Zartman has been my math tutor for the past three years. She has effectively helped me with Basic math, Pre-algebra, Algebra I and Business math.

Ms. Zartman took the time to figure out what learning style worked best for me. She helped me understand mathematics and, in turn, I actually didn’t mind doing it. She had a very good knowledge of the subject and always knew how to explain it. She would often have many lessons done ahead of time which says that she is prepared and likes the subject she teaches.

I enjoyed tutoring under Ms. Zartman. She also helped me prepare for the mathematics portion of the SAT. She was well-organized and thorough in her explanations. I would highly recommend her.


Correena Spangler

Letter from Correena Spangler

August 30, 2013

Dear Mrs. Clark,

I am writing on behalf of Mrs. Kathy Bergman and her work as a tutor for the New Heights Educational Group, Inc. Mrs. Bergman has been my science tutor for the past year. She has effectively helped me with Biology, Physical Science and Physics.

Mrs. Bergman took the time to figure out what learning style worked best for me. She had a very good knowledge of the subject and always made sure I understood it. She was very open, and it was good to have more than just a professional relationship but a friendship, too.

I enjoyed tutoring under Mrs. Bergman. It was the extra push I needed to comprehend and be a success in science. She was well-organized and thorough in her explanations. I would highly recommend her.


Correena Spangler

Letter from Billy S.

June 23, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

I am being tutored in reading by New Heights three times a week.

I like it. It is working. It gives me something to look forward to by helping me prepare to learn how to read so people don’t look at me like I am illiterate. I would like to try to go to college and learn to do small engine repair, so I can get a job and provide for my kids and family. I will give my kids a skill of working on small engines. It helps my kids that I get tutored because I do my homework with them, and I can help them with theirs. This makes me feel better about myself.

Pamela Clark is looking for a volunteer speech teacher for me. I like how New Heights finds volunteers to help people in need.  It is also not expensive.  My wife also likes all the activities for kids and insights she gets for kids.

Billy S.

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