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Is your child struggling in a certain subject in school, or you are looking to track your child’s academic growth? Enroll at NHEG as our team is ready to help.  Our students are from all over the United States and come from all backgrounds.  This includes students from public, charter and home schools.

Enrollment into our program is free, but some of our services such as tutoring, test and transcript prep have associated fees.  You pick and choose in what you want to participate. Think of it as a one-stop shopping center/à la carte in education.  You can learn more about NHEG services here.

Let New Heights Educational Group help your family reach its educational goals.

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Please fill out this enrollment form, along with your parents, if required, and once it is received one of our NHEG Team Members will contact you to talk further about your educational needs.

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They can choose to participate in our many groups and programs, which include the following:


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