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Generation Self Employed Course Overview

Hi, My name is David Lantz. I’m an Author, Speaker and Teacher. Perhaps, like me, you’ve noticed that people are searching for a way to survive in our part time economy. I call this group of people Generation Self Employed, and have developed a set of small business courses built around this concept.

Generation Self Employed’s mission is to help you understand what your passions are and how you are wired to best use the gifts and talents God has given you.  If we are to lead a movement designed to redeem the culture, we can only do so if we can also find a way to become “tent makers” and earn a reasonable living.

Generation Self Employed Instructor - David Lantz

David Lantz

Generation Self Employed Courses

How to Teach Online

Online education is literally exploding. Do you want to know how to teach online? This course shows you how!

Cost: $25

Why Have a Business?

To be a successful entrepreneur is to know WHY you want to have a business in the first place. To succeed, find your passion.

Cost: Free

Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Employees do what they’re told. Owners decide what to do. To see yourself as an entrepreneur/owner, take this course.

Cost: $25

Servant Salesmanship

Servant Salesmanship will help you develop a sales process from initial prospect identification to closing the sale in order.

Cost: $25

Your Business by the Numbers

Your Business by the Numbers will provide students with hands on experience in tracking sales, monitoring costs, and making a profit.

Cost: $25.00

Creating Your Business Strategy

Creating Your Business Strategy will equip students with the skills they need to create a business plan for a business of their choosing. Lessons from the previous modules will be integrated into this “Capstone” course.

Cost: $25

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