NHEG Assessment

This is an overview on how New Heights Educational Group works with students and their individual NHEG Assessment in order to track their student growth.

Within NHEG, student growth is tracked with various tools and assessments; which helps us determine students’ placement in proper learning level classes. We are not big on testing or labeling students; we learn the most by working one-on-one with students and by listening to them and their parents.

We currently use reading and math success labs, Irlen screening and our own assessments in order to help place students in the proper learning levels. We have been providing this assessment for many years locally. We are happy to announce that these will now be available online. With offering these assessments online it will cut costs and make it more affordable to use this software. You will soon be able to complete the assessment in the above topics and some new topics including English, Science, Biology, and History.

Every student receives individualized education plan and families can choose whether they want the assessment. These assessments are updated monthly with input from the director of NHEG. They are assigned by the teacher or tutor. We start with a letter from the parent introducing their child to the teacher or tutor assigned, any school reports, IEP’s from outside sources and test results.

After the student is placed in a tutoring program, they receive a private sign-in page to access important information such as curricula pages and all class recordings. The class recordings can be helpful for the student to review later if needed. It also includes information on their teacher/tutor and photos of the teacher/tutor. They also receive a calendar of NHEG events and their tutoring schedule.

We are always making advancements and striving to bring more resources to our students. We often share outside resources that may help the student in their journey. Every student needs personalized learning. We help NHEG families reach all of their goals. We advocate and utilize whole-body learning and the use of Brian Gym exercises and consuming plenty of water when learning. This of course isn’t a requirement but a suggestion.

Our methods have shown a lot of success. In general, we see a two-year advancement in as little as nine months for those that stick to our program. The most we have seen is a four-year advancement in a little over a year. We can’t guarantee that you will see the same success since every student is different.

Our partnership with the Success Labs program offers the below components.

There are two basic components to our products: a testing component and an intervention component. All of our new products are cloud applications where one uses a browser to access our website, and all activity takes place at our website through the browser.

Both testing and intervention focus on fluency, which is a combination of accuracy and automaticity, and it is measured by how long it takes the student to formulate responses. Longer response time indicates less automaticity.

The testing component assesses only for reading and math performance appropriate for kindergarten to adult level. The intervention components cover reading skills, math skills, various subject matter terminology and custom built materials.

The testing component has an number of tasks; each measures fluency for a particular single reading skill. These tasks are organized and presented to a student in a sequence called an “evaluation” to get a profile of reading skills that are mastered and those that need work.

When all tasks in the evaluation have been completed, the website generates a report that details the student’s fluency performance. People have difficulty reading for many reasons, and part of the report is a pattern analysis on performance for the tasks included, with different patterns suggesting different underlying issues. The report may be viewed immediately and at any later time. This report is designed to be read by a non-technical person, such as a parent.

Profile evaluations are available for determining the nature of a problem, and Progress evaluations are available for tracking skill progress over time. All activities are performed online through a browser.

Any individual skill fluency task may be used separately from an evaluation. For example, one may want to run the Word Identification task regularly to track progress on this particular skill over some period of time. Below is the list of available tasks:

Reading Success Lab

Reading Success Lab Store

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Reading Math
Initial Phoneme
Final Phoneme
Simple Reaction
Letter Recognition
Word Recognition
Word Meaning
Sentence Understanding
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Number Recognition
Triple Addition
Triple Multiplication
Mixed operations

The intervention component has a large number of Skill Builder exercises that are designed to improve fluency in reading and math skills along with spelling and word meaning skills. All activities are performed online through a browser. A student works with a single exercise repeatedly until that exercise is mastered as determined by the software, when certain fluency [accuracy and speed] criteria are met. After every session a report is generated in the browser showing the student’s progress along with observations and recommendations. One has the option of creating one’s own materials to use with this system.

Below is a list of Skill Builder exercises that are available to everyone. Additionally, one may create custom exercises.

Reading Math
Word Families [rhyming] Grade 1 Words
Grade 2 Words
Grade 3 Words
Grade 4 Words
Grade 5 Words
Grade 6 Words
Grade 7 Words
Grade 8 Words
SAT Vocabulary Words
Country List
Science Terms
Biology Terms
Chemistry Terms
Health Science Terms
Literature Terms
Math Terms
World History Terms
Simple Addition
Simple Subtraction
Simple Multiplication
Simple Division
Mixed Operations

Special Note for families:
The system is available as a family account for a parent administrator and as many children as needed. All members of the family have access to the resources that have been purchased for the family.

A special note for teachers:
The system is available as an organizational account with a tiered structure: one account containing 3 levels with a principal at the top, teachers next, then students below teachers. Everyone has access to the resources purchased for the account, and everyone can access collected data for those below them in the structure.

With both account types, the user is purchasing the use of the system and the number of times the various components can be used. For example, one might purchase 10 Comprehensive Evaluations that can be used by all associated users of the account.

Use the Evaluations to identify the nature of a reading problem and to monitor progress in basic reading skill development. Testing can be performed as often as once a week because progress testing always samples from a large pool of items, resulting in a different test every time one is administered. Regardless of what intervention plan is being used, the testing is a good way to monitor response to intervention [RTI].

Use the intervention Skill Builders to enhance fluency in word and math fact recognition along with spelling. Users can design exercises using their own materials. For example, a user can create a list of words that students of a particular grade should be able to identify and spell by year’s end.

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