NHEG Program and Service Fees

Here is a complete list of fees for all NHEG programs and services that we provide for K-12 students looking to expand or improve their education.  These fees can be paid online or by check.  Please review our NHEG Paid Services Document for additional information and details about our programs and services.

Effective 12/15/2017, a late charge of $10.00 will be applied if payment is not received within 7 days from Invoice Date. Late charges will increase every Billing cycle until past due payments are paid in full.

NHEG Public Library

All families who wish to use our library are required to pay an annual (non-refundable) $35 fee and provide at least three good references. All families that use our library are expected to help clean and maintain it. We also ask that you do not write in the books.

Visit Our Library – View Our Complete Library Catalog Here

Annual Fee:  $35


All students are required to cover supply costs, including teacher/tutor copies. No refunds. NHEG Public Library

Three one-hour sessions per week:  $45 per week

If you are a low-income family, you have the option to pay $45 a month for tutoring sessions.  Please review our Tutoring Program for more information.

Other Informational Services

Including in-person and phone meetings

Extra time is charged based on the same fee schedule. Fees encompass student-led advisory group meetings; parent and student training; scholarship and college searches; IEP assistance; alternative and home schooling information; special needs advocacy and information; and more.

Pre-Assessments / Testing Transcripts / Grade Cards

Transcript Template and Preparation

Transcript Template and Preparation Fee – $35.00

Other Fee’s may apply if extra meetings maybe required.

Diploma Template and Preparation

Diploma Template and Preparation Fee – $50.00

Themed / Culinary Events

Event Fees and Expenses:  TBD

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