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The NHEG Public Library currently offers a total of 3800 books, which includes many different curricula and encyclopedias.  We also offer over 101 pieces of software and 139 DVD and VHS tapes. We offer 22 cassette tapes on different subject matters. Just click on the grade level to view our books.

If you would like to borrow anything, please contact [email protected]. This list is organized into grade levels. Some material can be used for more than one grade, and that is found under each multi-grade listing (e.g. 4 – 5th grade). Check both the multi-grade and single-grade listing when looking for materials for your child. If you have any questions about any of these materials, you may contact Pamela for more information.

If you need guidance on what curriculum to choose we gladly provide help and advice for a small service fee. Library charges All families who wish to use our library are required to pay an annual (non-refundable) $35 fee and provide at least three good faith references.

Special notes: Our books are not for sale, they are for loan. We do not send our books out to individual families. All families need to visit our library and choose their own curriculum. We send to Libraries, Colleges and Schools if you pay all shipping charges and pay annual library fee.

View Our Complete Library Catalog Here

We also ask that you do not write in the books. You will be required to fill out the below library receipt for items that you borrow:

We now offer an online tracking system for our library books.

We accept donations of educational materials, curriculum and software.

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Library Fee – $35/year

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The NHEG Library Campaign is to help us find a permanent location for our Library that everyone can access and be able to take out a book and enjoy reading.  We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children, including children with special needs.  It is so important that we find a space for our library. Some of you may think that since we have a local public library that is enough. I do love public libraries and have spent hours utilizing their resources.
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