NHEG Library Catalog

Last Updated 9/27/2016

This is the complete NHEG Library Catalog of books, VHS Tapes, CD/DVD’s and software that we have available in the NHEG Library for anyone to check out.

This is an embed Excel file and here are some basic functions you can do within this file.

Excel File Tabs

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  2. Click on the appropriate tab to view books.  Ex. Grade 2
  3. Not all tabs are visible so at the bottom left hand side of the document click on the arrow icons to scroll to the other tabs in the Excel document.

Searching the Catalog

Click on the document and if you are on a Windows computer press CTRL+F or if you are on a Mac ⌘ + f 
Download Catalog

If you would like to download this excel onto your computer, please click the link below the Excel Document Download NHEG Library Book List

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