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Karen MuzzallHello and welcome everyone.  My name is Karen Muzzall and in my radio show I will be discussing interesting and personal discussions relating to education.  These topics will be relevant to not only educators but parents, child advocates and others interested in how our children are educated in school.

Topics covered during the show will include the following: Common Core, the Live IEP, school culture and academic achievement, best practices to help the at-risk learner, behavior management strategies that have worked for the successful educator, use of low key responses, and my most common teaching mistakes.

Additionally, other topics such as unbiased reporting in the U.S. Department of Education and updates on Betsy Devos, charter schools vs. public schools, the alternative school system, and the therapeutic day school will also be addressed.

More About Karen Muzzall

My love for experiencing the possibilities of life, lead me to the field of Education. I began my teacher education studies at Concordia University in River Forest IL. While attending Concordia University, I studied Secondary Physical Education and General Elementary education. I participated in College Field Hockey, Track, studied piano for four years, and participated in theater.  I have participated in several education activities that would prepare me for the adventures of teaching. During my student teaching  for General Elementary education and Secondary Physical education, I was exposed to the academic challenges ant he barriers which the students encountered as they attended school each year.

Soon after I completed my student teaching requirements, I graduated from Concordia University in River Forest, and began to investigate my options for employment. Several schools allowed me to shadow their teachers, so that I could become accustomed with the daily classroom routines and to practice my classroom behavior management. It became apparent that several General Education students needed additional individual instruction, in order to produce quality and age appropriate work at the same rate as their class mates.

Providing individualized instruction and assisting with behavior management became natural to me. I investigated the Special education Masters degree program at the University of Illinois in Chicago IL- UIC, and had a wonderful time teaching special needs students while competing my internship. I have taught junior high boys, Secondary girls and boys, who have learning disabilities and social emotional behavior disorders.

After several successful and fulfilling years as a Special education teacher, I studied Radio and Television at the Illinois Media Center in Lombard, IL. I intend to use my media training to show case the ability of the students in special needs , and use the media as a vehicle for providing information to the public regarding how they can include special needs students into our communities.. I decided that would like to have operate a school at  is creative and welcoming for students of  different abilities. I attended the University of Phoenix and earned a Masters in Administration and Teacher leadership. My Administrative degree will allow me to provide an educational environment where special needs students,  and general education students can achieve academically and develop their artistic talents.

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Show Topic:  Common Core, the Live IEP, school culture and academic achievement, best practices to help the at-risk learner, behavior management strategies and many more.

Show Time:  Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. CST / 12:00 p.m. EST

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