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Victoria LoweryVictoria Marie Lowery was born to Elmer and Sandi Deitering in Dayton, Ohio. They moved to Piqua, Ohio, before her junior high years where her father built his wife’s dream home on their 55-acre farm. Victoria was their youngest child at the time with one older brother. Within two years, the family adopted her younger brother and sister.

With Elmer being a devout Catholic, the children were raised in parochial schools. Elmer would have chosen life as a priest had it not been for his strong desire to have a family. Victoria was raised with these primary values of faith and family first.

She attended modeling school at age 15, which culminated in large job offers and a proposed agency-sponsored trip to auditions in New York. As a minor, parental consent was required. Her parents turned the offers down because they believed in education and thought that the entertainment industry is a “dirty business.”

So Victoria pursued higher education at a private college in Indianapolis. Marian University was founded by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes. During her freshman year she was nominated to the Sweethearts Court and played tennis on the men’s team. After two years she transferred to complete her degree at Wright State University while playing tennis for the Lady Raiders.

Victoria completed her degree and married in the same year. She gave birth to three incredible daughters, but the relationship was marred with her husband’s drinking, money schemes and (secret) infidelity. Victoria was raised to believe divorce was not an option.

Victoria worked as a live talk show host filmed at the Shelby County fairgrounds. She became Mrs. Ohio 2001. The organization promoted “today’s married women, their accomplishments, and commitment to family and marriage.” But her own marital pressures soon mounted to the point of causing grave health problems, and she had to face the gut-wrenching divorce decision. Ironically, it was mentoring from a local priest who showed her that the only answer was divorce.

As a single mom, Victoria worked as the CEO at the Chamber of Commerce in Tipp City, Ohio. A few years later, in 2006, she and her three daughters moved to Tiffin, Ohio, where she accepted the position of CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. Two years later she became CEO of the state professional association, the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio (CCEO).

During a divorce-recovery session, the counselor (with a Ph.D.) proclaimed these words, “He sounds like a sociopath.” This new term struck a chord and provoked years of study on the subject. But fear of judgment and concern for her daughters’ well-being kept Victoria quiet about her true story while working for the Chambers of Commerce.

In 2010, Victoria left the business world to dedicate herself fully to her deepest passion: human relationships. This decision was fueled by an inner fire to empower others with the knowledge to have the most fulfilling relationships and eliminate divorce. This was also the year something called the “Yes Test” presented itself as the formula to lasting love. She began using this tool as a life coach and speaker. Victoria is now the author of books that promote success in love and life. In 2013, she married a high school physics and anatomy teacher, Dan Robert Hopkins. They enjoy a loving marriage and family.

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