Welcome Home School Families

Home school families have their own educational needs and concerns that may be better served in a subgroup involving only home school parents and students. We have come up with the following services specifically aimed at home school students and parents.

Services for home school students:

  • Annual book swaps
  • New Heights Library with curriculum and other resources
  • Training for new homeschool families
  • Private tutoring
  • Parent and student meetings
  • Student recreational times
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Enrichment days/co-op classes
  • Recognition Day
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Annual events
  • Field trips
  • Prom and annual dances
  • Yearbook participation
  • Live production opportunities
  • Affordable graduation pictures
  • Fundraising, scholarships, contest and college opportunities
  • Discounts and other opportunities only given to homeschool families
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