Home School Family to Family Program

The Home School Family to Family Program allows budget-conscious home school families the opportunity to travel across the country for hands-on learning.

From the Director, Pamela Clark:

As a home school parent myself, I know the frustrations that come from wanting to provide your children a rich and versatile education with a single-income family. Therefore, I’m pleased to announce New Heights’ Home school Family to Family Program, an effort that allows budget-conscious home school families the opportunity to travel for hands-on learning and work programs.

For many of us, a hotel is simply too expensive. This collaboration between home school families gives you and your children a place to stay as they expand their horizons, and allows you to host other wonderful families full of stories and unique experiences.

We currently have 10 host families located in:

  • Modesto, California
  • Northern California
  • Fairplay, Maryland
  • Tiffin, Ohio
  • Copper Canyon, Texas
  • Connecticut
  • Pembroke, Virginia
  • Peterstown, West Virginia

More to come…

Interested? Please read our rules to see if the program fits your family. If so, please contact us to sign up.

Basic Procedures & Requirements

Visiting families that participate in the program are also asked to be a host family; however, we realize this is not feasible for everyone. Rest assured, no one will be excluded!

Host family:

In order to ensure a good fit, you can choose to talk to the families/meet in a public place before deciding to host them.

  • Provide a safe, clean and cost-free place for the family to stay.
  • Provide references (so that all families feel secure).
  • Please state whether you will offer meals during a student/family visit.
  • Please state if you would like to be a guide to a visiting family.

Visiting family:

You must abide by and be respectful of the host family’s home and rules.
Please indicate if your children have special needs. This will allow your host family to provide you with needed special accommodations.
It is absolutely essential that children respect other people, their homes and belongings. Please do not participate if your children have not yet learned this valuable skill.

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