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New Heights Educational Group, Inc. is an Ohio-based organization with its home office at 14735 Power Dam Road. Since this is a home office, only scheduled appointments are allowed. New Heights Educational Group, Inc. (NHEG) is the owner and operator of www.NewHeightsEducation.org and School.NewHeightsEducation.org websites.

NHEG is committed to protecting the in-person privacy of visitors at our office and events and online privacy of visitors to our websites.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) discloses the privacy practices for visitors at NHEG offices and events, users of NHEG in-person services and online visitors to our websites. This Policy applies solely to information collected by NHEG, its staff, partnerships and affiliates, and its customers in person and via the websites. This Policy will notify you of the following:

  • What personally identifiable information is collected from you through the websites, how it is used and with whom it may be shared.
  • Choices are available to you regarding the use of your data.
  • The security procedures in place to protect theuse of your information.
  • How you/we correct inaccuracies in the information.

We encourage you to read the privacy policies and Terms and Conditions of our home office and websites that you visit.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of our terms of conditions, which you can view on the NHEG site.


1. Information We Gather and How We May Use It

A. Personally Identifiable Information

  1. At various locations on the websites, such as areas where you may request information (including technical or customer support) and/or sign up for magazine updates, events, radio shows and promotions, you may provide us personally identifiable information such as your name, student information, mailing address, telephone number or email address.  If you choose to give us personally identifiable information through the websites, we will collect and retain that personally identifiable information internally.

We do not use your personally identifiable information or share it with others except as described in this Policy.  We will provide specific notice at the time of collection if we are going to use personally identifiable information in ways not set forth in this Privacy Policy.

We, our partners, affiliates and our NHEG staff may use your personally identifiable information to:

Contact you via email, telephone or standard mail in the future to tell you about educational and tutoring services, events and promotions (including by sending you e-magazines, marketing communications and announcements from NHEG and its education partners).

You may opt out of these communications at any time.  See instructions detailed under the “Your choices” subheading.

In addition, we, our partners, affiliates and staff members may use your personally identifiable information to:

  • respond to you regarding the reason you contacted us and provide customer service;
  • personalize and enhance your visits to the websites;
  • deliver services you request or purchase via the websites, where available; and
  • investigate, enforce and apply our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

B. When You subscribe or enroll in a program – For your convenience and at our discretion, from time to time the websites may make it possible for you to enroll your student for educational programs to be delivered in person at an agreed upon location or through online services.  To subscribe/enroll via the websites, you must create an account and provide financial information, such as a credit card number and type, billing address and expiration date, in addition to personally identifiable information such as your name, billing address, telephone number, email and the name of the student you are registering.  Currently, this information is provided to and collected by our third-party payment processor.  If you register for a program, we collect your information if you are the adult student or collect information on the student’s gender and grade level if school age.  Your financial information and your student’s name are used:

  • to complete your student’s enrollment in the program(s) you select;
  • to create a unique account for you and to administer it;
  • for billing purposes; and
  • to contact you if we have questions about your payment.

Enrollment information retained by NHEG includes payment confirmation notices, including the price of the Program, the enrollment associated with the payment, payment authorization number and the last 4 digits of the credit card numbers (please see Terms and Conditions for additional information related to online payments).

C. Participation in NHEG Events – Personalized accounts (“Accounts”) are available only to parties (each called a “Responsible Party” for convenience) who have purchased a NHEG product, service, or other learning program for a student via a NHEG or who create an Account with NHEG.  In order to access and use some parts of the websites, you must login via your unique account.

To learn more about NHEG, contact [email protected]  Please leave a message if we don’t answer. Our services are run by dedicated volunteers.

By using the websites, you provide consent to NHEG and its personnel to collect personally identifiable information about each user and student associated with your account in accordance with our Privacy Policy, whether or not the user and/or student is under the age of 18.

In addition to other personally identifiable information we collect from your account, we may also collect information regarding your NHEG student, such as their name, age, grade, school, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Multi Factored Evaluation (MFE), letter from parent/school describing problem areas, interest areas of student, goals of family and student, special needs/disability and teacher’s/guidance counselor’s name and contact information. We may further request permission to share your story and photos. We will not share personal information without your permission. We may use personally identifiable information and non-personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, and to:

  • deliver tutoring and other services to you or your student;
  • share certain information with teachers/tutors/class monitors/Education Department to bring you the best service/tutoring service possible.
  • administer features such as advancement in classes;
  • award and track badges, or achievements made, if applicable (as defined in the Terms and Conditions);
  • manage content delivery; and
  • personalize you and your student’s experience with the NHEG.

D. NO REFUND POLICY – NHEG has a no refund policy. We have very high standards and deliver a high quality product. We have fees that must be covered to offer these products and can’t refund them. We will do everything we can to fulfill our obligations, but customers have a responsibility to follow through with their obligations to the program and advancement of their students or their own learning. If you purchase a product, lessons, or tutoring services through our website these products will not be refunded. Keep in mind it takes time to reach goals and every student is different. We can’t provide an exact time span for their growth or learning due to the fact that everyone is different and has their own time span for growth.

Ohio Law (R.C. 1345.03(B)(7)).

E. Tutoring Fees and Charges – We attempt to keep our tutoring fees affordable with the majority of the money paying for the salary of our teachers/tutors. We offer access to volunteer teachers/tutors when they are available to low-income families on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be advised that even if you receive a volunteer teacher/tutor, there will be additional fees that need to be covered. This includes a $45 per month fee to cover overhead expenses and an occasional additional cost for copying curriculum or pages used for instructor students for in-person classes.

  • Families that aren’t low-income are expected to pay the $45 a week fee.
  • Whether the families are low-income or not, there will be a fee of $45 per month to cover overhead expenses.
  • All families will receive the same high quality tutoring and timed sessions as a family paying the weekly fee.
  • The difference between these two programs is the fact that in one program the teacher/tutor isn’t being paid and is acting as a volunteer.
  • Online tutoring fees are the same as in-person fees. The only difference is that a part of the money collected will go towards using GOTOMEETING for providing one-on-one tutoring to students.

Special notes:

  • Proof of low-income status is required at the time of enrollment. Along, with a copy of parent/guardian or adult student driver’s license.
  • We reserve the right to change pricing at any time and additional products needed in tutoring students are the parent’s individual responsibilities.
  • There are not many instances when additional products are needed. We usually have all that is need in our library.
  • More information on our fees can be seen by visiting our Services page.

F. Program Fees and Charges – On occasion we may collect money for enrichment events/classes and Graduation/Recognition Day events. Participating families come together to cover costs upfront. We do apply for grants but can’t guarantee approval. It is ultimately the participating families’ responsibilities to cover costs for activities from which their families benefit.

G. Non-Personal Information – When you visit our websites, we may also collect non-personal information, which we define as information that cannot be used by itself to identify you personally.  Non-personal information includes, but is not limited to, technical information (such as your IP address, the type of browser you are using, the websites you visit immediately before and immediately after you visit NHEG websites) and demographic information (your age, gender, income, education, profession, area code, zip code, etc.).  Non-personal information also includes, without limitation, other anonymous data involving your use of our websites, such as the websites you visit and the terms you enter into the search or select functions of those websites.  We or our service providers may collect this information by automated means, using technologies such as cookies, web server logs, and web beacons.

H. Cookies – We use “cookies” to store information and enhance your visits to the websites.  A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive.  Cookies do not store personally identifiable information about you, unless you knowingly provide it.  Cookies can store non-personal information, such as what websites, pages, or advertisements your browser has used.

We use cookies to enhance your visits to the websites.  For example, cookies can personalize page displays and keep track of selections you make so that you do not have to re-enter selections while the cookie is active.

You generally can refuse and/or delete cookies.  See your Internet browser “Help” file for instructions.  Please note that some of our site functionalities utilize cookies and might not work for you if you refuse or delete cookies.

I. Web Beacons – We also may use “web beacons” (also often called “clear GIFs”, “clear pixels”, “1×1 GIFs” or “1×1 pixels”) which are tiny graphic image files, embedded in a web page in GIF, jpeg or HTML format, that provide a presence on the web page and send back to its home server information from your browser, such as the IP address, the URL of the page on which the web beacon is located, the type of browser that is accessing the site and the ID number of any cookies on your computer previously placed by that server.

We may use web beacons to collect non-personal information about your use of our websites and the websites of selected sponsors and advertisers and your use of special promotions or content.  This information allows us to statistically monitor how many people are using the websites and selected sponsors’ and advertisers’ websites. Our web beacons are not used to track your activity outside of the websites or those of our sponsors.  We do not link non-personal information from web beacons to personally identifiable information without your permission.

We want to make our websites as engaging and useful as possible.  Accordingly, we may use your non-personal information for market research and data analytics.

We reserve the right to use, disclose, license, assign or otherwise transfer information, which is not personally identifiable information, as we find appropriate.

J. “Do Not Track” Signals – We currently do not process or comply with any web browser’s “do not track” signal or similar mechanism that indicates a request to disable online tracking of individual users who visit the websites or use our services, unless otherwise stated in a service-specific privacy statement.

K. Children Under 18 – If you are under the age of 18, you are free to provide your contact information or any other personally identifiable information to NHEG but will need a letter from a parent/guardian to participate in our programs. We may contact them directly to follow up. If you are the parent or legal guardian of someone under the age of 18 who may have provided NHEG with information without your knowledge or consent, please contact us.  All parents or legal guardians of someone under the age of 18 will receive email carbon-copy (CC) correspondence sent by email to students.

All children receiving tutoring will receive a private login and webpage. This webpage will have private pre-recorded lessons, assessments, suggested grades, pictures of teachers/tutors and students and other important private information. These page links are only shared with students and their families, teachers/tutors/online class monitors and our education department that is responsible for overseeing the student’s advancement.

L. Mobile Device Information – We collect information about the mobile device you use to access or use the websites, including the hardware model, operating system and version, unique device identifiers, mobile network information and information about your use of our mobile applications. With your consent, we may also collect information about the location of your device and access and collect information from certain native applications on your device to facilitate your use of certain features of the websites. For more information about how you can control the collection of location information and/or our access to other applications on your device, please do your own research.

M. Information from Other sources – We may also obtain information about you from other sources and combine that with information we collect directly. For example, we may collect information about you or your student when you post content to our pages or feeds on third-party social media sites, or if you use credentials (e.g., username and password) from a third-party site to create or log in to your account.

2. Disclosure of Information We Collect – Except as specifically set forth in this policy, we do not share your personally identifiable information with any non-affiliated third party without your permission.

A. Staff Members, Affiliates and Partners – We may share your personally identifiable information with NHEG staff including teachers/tutors/class monitors, the education department and with certain websites that are controlled by us so that we can offer you products and services that may be of interest to you.  We endeavor to restrict access to personally identifiable information to those individuals who need to know that information in order to operate, develop or improve our services.  These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to discipline if they fail to meet these obligations.

B. When You Enroll in a Program – When you use our website to create an account and/or enroll yourself or your student for a program or tutoring, in order to verify your identity and process your registration, we may share financial information and personally identifiable information you provide with third-party payment processors you selected to deliver the program.  Otherwise, we do not share your financial information with third parties.

C. When Parents and Students Participate in our programs – If you are enrolled in NHEG, you may need to create a NHEG Online Persona for yourself and your registered student(s).  We store and publicly display the information in your and your student’s NHEG Online and Offline Personas in order to provide services that we offer.  When you and/or your student use NHEG, your respective NHEG Online Persona(s) will be shared with other NHEG users and may have the option to become publicly available. This will be up to you.  All such sharing of information is done at your own risk.  Please do not include information in your or your student’s NHEG Online Personas that you expect to keep private.

D. Service Providers – We sometimes engage unaffiliated businesses to assist us in providing you certain services in person or on our websites.  For example, we may use third parties to provide advertising, marketing and promotional assistance, process credit card transactions, provide gamification within NHEG websites, provide email services or facilitate our online services.  In those instances, we may share your personally identifiable information with them for the purposes of their delivering services and processing payment for you in connection with your request.  These businesses also may collect both personally identifiable information you provide and non-personal information about your visits to our websites and other websites via cookies and web beacons to help them provide their services to us.  The information collected by the cookies and web beacons (including your IP address) will be disclosed to these service providers, who use the information to evaluate your use of the websites. These businesses may also aggregate your non-personal information for use in targeted advertising, marketing research and other similar purposes.  If you want to prevent a third-party business from collecting and using this information, you may visit the third-party advertiser’s website directly and opt-out.

This Policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that we do not own or control, including but not limited to any third-party websites, services and applications (“Third-Party Services”) that you elect to access through the websites or to individuals that we do not manage or employ or oversee.  While we attempt to enable access only to those Third-Party Services that share our respect for your privacy, we cannot take responsibility for the content or privacy policies of those Third-Party Services.  Please make sure to review the privacy policies of any Third-Party Services you access.

E. Business Transactions Involving NHEG – NHEG may buy other entities or business assets or combine with other businesses.   Your information will stay within NHEG headquarters and among our staff members.

F. Aggregate Information – We may disclose aggregate information, such as demographic information and our statistical analyses of such demographic information, to third parties, including advertisers or other business partners and affiliates. This aggregate information is not linked to any personally identifiable information.

G. Other Disclosures – We may disclose personally identifiable information when we are required or requested to do so by law or legal process, court order or other government or law enforcement authority or regulatory agency to enforce or apply our rights, agreements, and policies, including but not limited to this policy and/or terms and conditions and when we believe in good faith that disclosing this information is necessary or advisable, including, for example, to protect the rights, property or safety of NHEG, our users or others.

3. Security – The security of your personally identifiable information is important to us. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to secure your personally identifiable information.  However, there is always some risk in transmitting information electronically.  The Personal Information we collect is stored by us or by our third-party designees within databases that we or our third-party designees control.  As we deem appropriate, we use security measures consistent with industry standards, such as firewalls, SSL and encryption technology, to protect your information.  For example, when our third-party payment processor asks users to enter sensitive information (such as a credit card number) in connection with making a payment, that information is encrypted.  However, we cannot guarantee the security of our third-party designees’ databases nor can we guarantee that information you supply won’t be intercepted while being transmitted to us or our third-party designees over the Internet or that information we share with others as permitted by this policy will always be held secure by them.

In particular, email sent to or from the websites may not be secure, and you should therefore take special care in deciding what information you send to us via email.  If you share your computer or use a computer that is accessed by the general public, remember to sign off and close your browser window when you have finished your session(s). This will help to ensure that others cannot access your personally identifiable information.  In the event of a breach of the confidentiality or security of your personally identifiable information, we will notify you as required by law, if reasonably possible and as reasonably necessary so that you can take appropriate protective steps. We may notify you under such circumstances using the e-mail address(es) or phone numbers we have on record for you or through alternative means. You should also take care with how you handle and disclose your personally identifiable information. Please refer to the Federal Trade Commission’s website at http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/ for information about how to protect yourself against identity theft. Please note that once you leave our websites, whether independently or via links from the websites, the privacy policies of the websites to which you migrate will apply.  This Privacy Policy applies to your interactions with our websites only.

Special Notes:

All children receving tutoring will receive a private login and webpage. This webpage will have private pre-recorded lessons, assessments, suggested grades, pictures of teachers/tutors and students and other important private information. These page links are only shared with students and their families, teachers/tutors/online class monitors and our education department that is responsible for overseeing students’ advancements.


4. Your Choices

To opt out of marketing communications, you may:

  • use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any marketing email message; or
  • email your request to [email protected].

Please be aware that if you opt out of marketing communications, we may not be able to provide information and services to you.

To change or delete your personally identifiable information collected via the websites, please: email your request to [email protected].

With your consent, we may collect information about your actual location when you use our mobile applications. You may stop the collection of this information at any time by changing the settings on your mobile device, but note that some features of our mobile applications may no longer function if you do so. Some features of our mobile applications may require access to certain native applications on your mobile device, such as the camera and photo storage applications (e.g., to take and upload photos). If you decide to use these features, we will ask you for your consent prior to accessing the applications and collecting information. Note that you can revoke your consent at any time by changing the settings on your device. With your consent, we may send promotional and non-promotional push notifications or alerts to your mobile device. You can deactivate these messages at any time by changing the notification settings on your mobile device or within our mobile applications.  You may opt out of receiving our ads as part of a customized campaign conducted on third-party social media sites, such as Facebook, by emailing us at [email protected].

For account holders only– Student pages, parent and teacher pages associated with an account may be accessed using the valid username and password for that account.  You can generally make changes directly to these pages by logging into your account.  If you have other questions, please email us.

Please allow 10 business days for the request to be processed.  After receiving a request to change or delete your information, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that all of your personally identifiable information stored in databases we actively use to operate the websites will be updated, corrected, changed or deactivated, as appropriate, as soon as reasonably practicable.  However, we reserve the right to retain in our archival files any information we remove from or change in our active website databases.  We may retain such information to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and enforce our terms and conditions of use.  In addition, it is not technologically possible to remove each and every record of the information you have provided to us.

Please note that some services and information may not be available to you if you do not provide personally identifiable information or if you withdraw it after you provide it.

5. Links to Other Websites – The websites may contain links to other websites maintained by third parties.  Please be aware that NHEG has no control over linked websites and is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.  We encourage you to check the applicable privacy policy of these other websites before you provide to them any personally identifiable information.

6. Your Ohio Privacy Rights – You may want to visit Ohio websites for examples of privacy rights and protecting students using websites. http://infosec.ohio.gov/ or http://www.disabilityrightsohio.org/privacy-policy.

7. Implied Consent Under CASL – Persons in Canada who contact us and/or provide their telephone number or email address are providing implied consent under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) for us, our affiliate companies and NHEG to send them electronic marketing communications under CASL.  See here for contact information for us, our affiliate companies and NHEG, as required under CASL. If you do not wish to give this consent under CASL, please do not provide your telephone number or email address.  You may cancel this implied consent at any time by opting out as described in this Policy.

8. International Users – If you access our websites from outside the United States, your connection may be through and to servers located in your country or the United States. Any personal information you provide may be processed and maintained in the United States on servers and/or other network systems operated by us or for our benefit. Regardless of where you live, you consent to have your personal information transferred, processed and stored in the United States and allow us to use and collect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  If you access our websites from and/or reside outside of the United States of America, your information may be stored and transmitted and shared in accordance with United States Data Privacy Laws. This may not be equivalent to those in effect in your country. You expressly agree that you will not use our websites or affiliates, third-party websites with an expectation of greater privacy rights than those to which you have expressly agreed as stated in the privacy policy.

9. Changes to Policy – We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, so please review it frequently.  If we change our Policy, we will post those changes to this Policy statement and to other places we deem appropriate so that you aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we further disclose.

Changes to the policy will take effect as soon as they are posted as described above, except that, if we are going to use personal Information in a manner materially different from the manner stated at the time we collected it, we will notify you by posting a notice on the websites for 30 days.

Use of this site is at your own risk and no one may sue New Heights Educational Group or our board members or staff from issues arising from the website, services and programs.

NHEG Privacy Policy Table of Contents

  1. Information We Gather and How It Is Used
    1. Personally Identifiable Information
    2. When You Subscribe or Enroll in a Program
    3. Participation in NHEG Events
    4. No Refund Policy
    5. Tutoring Fees and Charges
    6. Program Fees and Charges
    7. Non-Personal Information
    8. Cookies
    9. Web Beacons
    10. “Do Not Track” Signals
    11. Children Under 18
    12. Mobile Device Information
    13. Information from Other Source
  2. Disclosure of Information We Collect
    1. Staff members, Affiliates and Partners
    2. When You Enroll in a Program
    3. When Parents and Students Participate in our Program
    4. Service Providers
    5. Business Transactions Involving NHEG
    6. Aggregate Information
    7. Other Disclosures
  3. Security
  4. Your Choices
  5. Links to Other Websites
  6. Your Ohio Privacy Rights
  7. Implied Consent Under CASL
  8. International Users
  9. Changes to Policy

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