NHEG Student Portal

The NHEG Student Portal contains information and links for students who are homeschooled, attending charter schools or public schools in Ohio.  This includes students who are in Pre-K, K-12 or attending college.  It is a collection of information, downloads and links to help students further their education and become more effective learners.


New Heights Educational Group provides support for children or adults who are looking to get their ABLE/GED and go to college to further their education.

College Entrance Exams

Many colleges and universities across the country use college entrance exams like the SATs to determine if they will accept you into their school or not.

Discounted & Free Online Classes

NHEG is providing students discounted and free online classes that they can take in their free time or incorporate into their current studies.

NHEG Contests

We have several NHEG contests that students in elementary, high school and even college participate in and win cash prizes based on their entries.

NHEG Events

Throughout the school year, New Heights Educational Group holds many home/charter school events for students not attending a public school.

NHEG Student Achievements

We wish to recognize the many students who walked through our doors on our NHEG Student Achievements page.  We are proud of what they have done.

NHEG Yearbook

New Heights Educational Group offers an annual NHEG yearbook to students that would like to participate and collect memories of the school year.

NHEG School / Senior Pictures

For students looking to get their pictures taken, NHEG offers high-quality and reasonably priced photographers for school and senior pictures.

Scholarship Search & Support

NHEG has spent many years collecting and collaborating with others to compile a large list of scholarships, colleges and other resources for students.

Student Resources

NHEG Student Resources can help ensure that your children are prepared to enter school and can provide support for them all the way to college graduation.

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