Discounted and Free Online Classes

NHEG is providing students discounted and free online classes that they can take in their free time or incorporate into their current studies.  This includes students who are homeschooled or attending a charter, private or public school.  Also, NHEG has partnered with HSLDA Academy and you will receive a discount when you use our code in one of their classes.

Just a reminder that these classes can be used to earn credits or hours for home school students but not for students in charter or public schools.

Affiliate Partners

Silicon Valley High School

Online Foreign Language Classes

HSLDA Online Academy

  • Spanish 1  – Use Discount Code: PT67F75
  • Latin 1  – Use Discount Code: PT67F75

Online Economics Classes

HSLDA Online Academy

Online Math Classes

HSLDA Online Academy

Online Science Classes

HSLDA Online Academy

  • Biology – Use Discount Code:  PT67F75
  • Chemistry – Use Discount Code:  PT67F75

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