NHEG Student Resources

The NHEG Student Resources is your best source in making sure your children are prepared to enter school all the way to graduating college.  This includes financial aid/scholarship assistance, preparing for college entrance exams like the SATs or the ACTs, tools and resources to help become a more effective student.

Financial Resources

Here are financial resources to help you pay for college. This includes scholarships, grants, loans as well as tools and resources to help you to financially prepare for college.

Writing Resources

These writing resources will help not only help students become more effective writers but provide teachers in helping develop those writing skills. These resources, information and tools can be used by both the students and the teachers regardless if they are home school or in a private/charter/public school setting.

Ohio Toastmasters

The Ohio Toastmasters are a group of men and women of the Toastmasters organization who are looking to perfect their speaking and communication skills.  If speaking in front of people is not your thing or have the fear of speaking in front of large groups of people, this organization will help you become a more effective speaker.

College and Post-Secondary Options

NHEG has provided a list of college and post-secondary options and resources for students who are thinking about going to or getting read to go to college.

Computer & Internet Resources

NHEG has created a list of computer and internet resources that includes access to websites and free software that can be downloaded and used for free.

Ohio Minor Work Permit

Are you a student between the ages of 14 and 18, are living in Ohio and are looking to get a job in this state?  If so, you will need to get a Ohio Minor Work Permit.

Scholarship Opportunities

Are you looking for scholarships to help pay for college?  NHEG has develop this Scholarship Opportunities page to help make your search easier.

Scholarship Search & Support

NHEG has spent many years collecting and collaborating with others to compile a large list of scholarships, colleges and other resources for students.

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