NHEG School and Senior Pictures

For students looking to get their pictures taken, NHEG offers high quality and reasonably priced photographers for your school and senior pictures.

Cost of School / Senior Pictures

$150 photo shoot fee + travel fee (up to $30 per student if excess gas is used due to driving distance). Fees cover photographer’s time and fuel. Film and photo development fees are not included in the photography cost. For local film development, we suggest Meijer Matted Photos. Affordable digital print ordering can also be found at snapfish.com.

NOTE: New Heights is not responsible for injuries or accidents that occur during photo session(s).

Purchase Photos

Preparing To Take Your Photos

General Information & Scheduling

  • Families may request particular shots and locations
  • In the event of defective film rolls or inclement weather, photo shoots may be rescheduled at no extra cost (excluding the cost of extra film)
  • Agreements must be signed prior to session
  • Plan 3-4 hours for photo shoot
  • Allow for multiple-day sessions if problems arise

Clothing & Hygiene Guidelines

  • Bring multiple casual and formal outfits
  • Professional tip: Solid colors photograph best
  • Remember shoes, socks and other accessories to complete your outfits
  • Iron wrinkled clothes prior to session
  • Consider bringing items that express your personality and interests (letter jackets, uniforms, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc.)
  • Trim and/or paint fingernails
  • Bring a brush or comb to touch up your hairstyle
  • Professional tip: Consider getting a haircut the week before your photo shoot
  • Apply makeup prior to shoot and bring products for touch-ups
  • Shave face (as appropriate)
  • Limit sun exposure to prevent sunburn


“Pamela Clark took Josh’s pictures for his 2011 senior year. In my opinion, the quality of the pictures taken is of professional grade and of very scenic areas. She was the only one willing to travel to three local parks with us and open to suggestions that we offered. We were able to use our own props that we wanted in the pictures.

Pamela showed great patience and tolerance with Josh’s disability of getting sidetracked. It actually took a couple of hours to complete the photo shoot for Josh’s lack of concentration. Not once did she show any frustration.”

Susan, Mother of Joshua Zartman

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