Teacher Resources

This is a list of teacher resources provides material in the form of articles, videos and audio recordings to help you become a more effective teacher.

Teacher / Tutor Education

NHEG offers training and many support resources for our teachers/tutors. We have incredible teachers/tutors and are always looking for more.

Pre-Kindergarten Associate Certification

Interested in working with children between the ages of three and five?  Then you will need attend a school that has the Pre-Kindergarten Associate Certification.

Teacher and Professional Organizations

This is a list of teacher and professional organizations in the state of Ohio for teachers to attend events, receive training and more.

TED Talks

These are TED Talks presentations are given by teachers who discuss their experience teaching and becoming a more effective teacher.

Misc. Teacher Resources

These are misc. teacher resources that don’t fit into any particular category, but can provide benefits in becoming a more effective teacher in your classroom.

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