Adult Advisory Group Overview

NHEG has created an Adult Advisory Group that offers support and advice to the founder and board members during in-person/online meetings. If your interest is piqued, please keep reading.

What is the Adult Advisory Group?

The Adult Advisory Group brings unique knowledge and skills to complement those of the board members and help the organization grow and succeed.

Additional Information

  • Members will not be compensated for their time
  • One-year minimum commitment
  • Members must sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Group cannot issue directives
  • Members may be replaced at the director’s discretion.


  • Opportunities to give back to community and improve local education
  • Positive public exposure
  • Atmosphere full of different ideas/perspectives
  • Networking

Member Responsibilities

  • Assist with public relations and fundraising
  • Meet every three (3) months
  • Offer the director and board members honest, constructive and positive feedback for correcting identified problems

Optional Support

  • Offer financial and/or expert support
  • Assist with daily functions and activities
NHEG Adult Advisory Group Logo

AAG Members

Pamela Clark
Julie Suffel
Kathy Woodring

AAG Intro Letter

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