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New Heights Educational Group’s sponsor a student program gives the community a chance to help a student to pay for the costs of a solid education.  We all know getting a solid education, especially for home school students and college students can get quite expensive.  Even more if these students participate in extracurricular activities or go on school trips across the world.

By sponsoring to one of our NHEG students today, you help them to not only be responsible for their educational needs but you open the doors to many educational opportunities and developing solid skills for real world situations.

Add Your Child

Looking to help cover costs to your child’s education and activities?  Contact New Heights Educational Group and we will be happy to add your child to our Student Sponsor page.


Kevin Adusei

Kevin Adusei Is a graduate of  South High Community School. He is headed to Harvard this fall. He loves art, science, law and community service and is always looking for opportunities to challenge himself and be exposed to new people and environments. He is far from reserved and is always itching for a great conversation, debate, anything. He’s had the privilege of serving under the Honorable Nathaniel M. Gorton in the Moakley Courthouse in Boston, and also became a Nelson Fellow in the process.

In the future he wishes to impact as many people as he can in communities small and large. Whether it is by the little work he does in church, the community, or non-profits and programs, he wishes to touch as many people as he can in his lifetime.


Desiree McMillan Clark

I’m 21 and want be a strong female figure for the younger women around me. I think I would like to be a motivational speaker. I think my story can help and inspire so many. I’m a true feminist as in equality and believe no one gender is greater than another. I raised my sister; everything I do to better myself is so she can see that she can do it too. She needs funds for college and educational betterment.


Zachary Clark

Zachary is a 24-year old Graduate, Certified Scuba Diver, Underwater Archaeologist, and Advanced Diver. Your donation would help him in furthering his education to have a better career in order to support his wife and future children.

Zach is very interested in History and Gun Smithing. He is ambitious and determined.
He is a CERT Member in Defiance, Ohio, member of MAST (Maritime Archaeological Survey Team out of Vermillion, Ohio).

He is a Discuss Award Winner and National Honor Society Member; he graduated with a 4.0.  He has volunteered on excavations with OSU, Heidleberg, and Ohio Historical Society.


Lyndsey Clark

Lyndsey Clark is a web designer and development student at Full Sail University. She is also studying independently through several online resources including code academy and code school.  She would like to use any resources to maintain these subscriptions.


Mac Clark

Mac Clark is a student of Kurt Steinke of Kurt’s Karate. He is a black belt in Spirit Wind Hapkido and the Soke Dai (Successor)of Do Dan Ryu Jujitsu. He is looking for funding monthly lessons and his sparring gear requirements.


Cuyler Spangler

Cuyler is 17 years old. He has earned a Black Belt in Karate and is interested in Civil Air Patrol, Ancient Wars, Weaponry, and Military History studies. Funds raised for him would be used for training and special tutoring in the above mentioned activities.


Correena Spangler

Correena needs help with costs of graduate law school.

Student Accomplishments:

Correena is a 22-year old published and awarded poet. She has played the Highland Bagpipes for the past 10 years. She double majored in Political Science and Communication at University of Sioux Falls. She has been a part of the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and CSI in Washington D.C., Ohio and West Virginia Youth in Government, and is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars. She is a Discuss Award Winner and a National Honor Society Member.


Kathryne Spangler

Kathryne is 19; she needs assistance with the costs for educational lessons.


Kailyn Spangler

Kailyn is 9. She loves martial arts, art, and music. She needs help with equipment and testing and lessons.


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