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Volunteer with NHEG, and you will help bring education and learning opportunities to thousands of children and adults in the state of Ohio.  Our volunteers work hard and are from all over the world. We have over 40 positions within NHEG. If you want to be part of our team please fill out our volunteer form. We can use any skills you may have.

Becoming a NHEG Volunteer

General Volunteer Application

Every volunteer will receive a formal application. This will allow the staff at NHEG to fully grasp an understanding of your abilities related to the position for which you are applying.

Interview and Orientation

A short interview with the Director of Virtual Development and an HR Coordinator will be arranged to determine who you are, what you want to contribute to our organization and make sure that a placement meets the needs of everyone involved. It also allows us to provide you with more knowledge of who we are and what services we provide. Through this onboarding process, the candidate will familiarize himself or herself with the organization, programs, services, our mission, vision and goals as well as meet our staff and learn the role he or she will play.

On-Site Training

A brief training will happen on your first day of volunteering for on-site volunteer opportunities. However, if volunteers are working remotely, training of tools and software or programs that NHEG utilizes will be provided.

Volunteer Survey

In order for our organization to have a successful volunteer program, we need input from volunteers on how to continue to create a fun, positive environment for those who dedicate and give their time. We value our volunteers’ feedback in providing excellence to our organization. Therefore, we ask at the completion of the candidates’ time here at NHEG for volunteers to complete and submit an exit survey.

NHEG Volunteer Expectations & Policies

We are in need of volunteers, local and online tutors, and teachers. You will need to donate 3 hours a week for at least 6 months. Our tutors/teachers provide fill-in-the-gaps type tutoring and all instructors must have an open mind. All potential volunteers must share a resume and three references. (All teachers and tutors must pay for and complete a background check; NHEG will accept background checks that are less than 5 years old.)


If you are experiencing difficulties during or as a result of your assignment, please contact NHEG to work out a solution. Program Developers are hired as temporary volunteers on an as-needed basis and are not considered permanent employees of the New Heights Educational Group, Inc. Resource and Literacy Center. However, you are a valued member of our team, and we want you to have a positive experience while you are with us.

Volunteer Treatment

Every volunteer has the right to be treated with respect by the NHEG staff members. When a problem arises, all staff members will treat it with confidentiality and fairness. We are creating a document and matrixes for our 40-plus positions. This will help our volunteers stay educated and have the resources they need to complete their assignments in a more effective way.

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U.S Presidential Volunteer Service Award

NHEG is proud to be part of the United States Presidential Volunteer Service Program.  To learn more about this program and how to join, click our PSVA Link, and volunteer with NHEG TODAY!

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