NHEG Enrichment Day

NHEG Enrichment DayNHEG Enrichment Day is a special day for both eager students and their parents in which we augment the participants’ interactions in the classroom.  For example, students have enjoyed History classes where the classes came to life and they could speak to individuals that made a difference in the world.  Another Enrichment Day might be an “insect party,” with outside events or field trips. 
Parents are a vital part of Enrichment Days, whether chaperoning students or playing key acting roles in the day’s activities.  Many of our alumni participate in these Enrichment Days because these events are in their list of favorite NHEG memories.
NHEG attempts to provide volunteers to help at these classes and events. However it is up to the families to work together to make these into what they want. We do supply some supplies, and some classes may be fee-based. This all depends on interests of the families participating.

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