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The prom is a semi-formal dance or gathering of high school students. This event is typically held near the end of the senior year of high school.  New Heights Educational Group has two options for homeschool and charter school students to attend a prom.

Dear Home school families information is now available for the Fort Wayne CHAT Home School Ball to be held in May.  If you would like information on this event please email us at [email protected] or call 419-786-0247.

Fort Wayne Prom Event

The CHAT Ball is a ballroom-style event, which always includes a 30-minute class on ballroom dance at the beginning. Many of the homeschool youth have taken ballroom dance in a weekly dance class, and some attend monthly dances at IPFW.

The Homeschool Prom is usually in late April. Here is the most recent invite, so you can read about it.

CHAT organizes a Christmas Ball as well, in December. Kids that have never taken any ballroom classes still have a good time and dance plenty if they choose to. Dates are optional. Homeschool Prom is for all high school ages, and CHAT is for any teens.

Dancing on the Water Prom Cruise

BOAT & LOCATION: This beautiful prom cruise takes place on the Diamond Belle River Boat. We load at a very nice plaza next to the Detroit River, in downtown Detroit.

The Diamond Belle is run by Diamond Jack’s River Tours and runs up and down the river for the full three hours of the prom! There are two dance floors; one located on the main level and one located on the roof for dancing under the stars. This is such a spectacular night!

Click the Link For More Information and to Purchase Tickets 

Need A Prom Dress?

The prom is a special event, especially if it is your first one or your last one.  We also know getting a prom dress or tuxedo can be very expensive.  So, NHEG has provided a list of organizations  that collect donated dresses to make your decision process easier and more affordable.

Guidelines (vary depending on prom attended)

To help students understand what is expected of them, we have provided following guidelines. Any student who chooses not to abide by prom guidelines will not be admitted.

All students and guests must be properly dressed. The prom is a formal affair where formal evening attire is expected. Please see the dress code below for what is acceptable. Outfit cost does not make attire appropriate.

  • Attendees will be expected to behave in a dignified manner.
  • Students must be a current freshman, sophomore, junior, senior OR first year alumni (9th-12th grade) and no more than 21 years of age.
  • Students are allowed to purchase an unlimited number of tickets.
  • Tickets are available to all homeschool students; they do not need to be a member of New Heights Educational Group.
  • Students and guests must present current picture identification before being admitted into the prom.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. They will not be sold at the door.
Refunds cannot be issued if:

  • You are unable to attend
  • You violate the dress code and are refused admittance
  • You have been placed on indoor/outdoor suspension on prom day

Students cannot sell their tickets to other students without the approval of NHEG staff.

Please note:

  • No sitting on laps or inappropriate grabbing of others.
  • No early dismissal without parents’ presence or written permission.

Dress Code

Expected for Gentleman:

  • Tuxedos with bowtie, necktie, and dress shoes
  • Formal head coverings (such as Derby and Fedora hats) are allowed
  • Jackets are mandatory

Expected for Ladies:

NOTE: A modest, becoming dress is expected for young women. Please use discretion to assure your selection is tasteful and above reproach.

  • No exposed navels (belly buttons) or cleavage
  • No slits in dresses/skirts that extend two (2) or more inches above the kneecaps
  • No leather outfits, bikini tops, diamond bras, or bras worn as shirts
  • No backdrop dresses that extend below the bra strap
  • No two-piece outfits (skirt with matching top)
  • No plunging necklines

NOTE: Attire with a matching jacket must meet guidelines when/if the jacket is removed (females).

All guests must follow all rules and regulations outlined above. It is your responsibility to make certain that your guest is apprised of these rules.

NHEG Prom Image
NHEG Prom Image
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