Fundraising for NHEG

Fundraising for NHEG earns money through various fundraising programs, so the more you participate, the more we earn for our student programs and services. We provide step-by-step instructions for participating in each program, especially if you have accounts with these partner websites already.

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education Logo

How to Join

Step 1:  Click on the Box Tops for Education link

Step 2:  Type in Zip Code 43527 in the Find Your School Search Bar.

Step 3:  Click Select This School under New Heights.

Step 4:  Click Join and fill out the form if you are a new member to the website.  If your already a member to the site just click Join and New Heights will be in your account.


Amazon Smile Logo Large

How to Join

Step 1:  Click on the AmazonSmile Link

Step 2:  If you already have an Amazon account, simply login using the above link and NHEG will be automatically added to your account.

Step 2A:  If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can create an account on the link that is provided on the Amazon Smile Login Page.

Step 2B:  If you have both an Amazon account and already supporting another organization and wish to switch over,  log in to your account and in the Your Account drop down menu select Your AmazonSmile and then click on the Change Charity button on the right, and type in New Heights Educational Group.

Step 3:  When shopping on Amazon, remember, only make purchases at, (not or the mobile app,) in order for proceeds to be sent to New Heights Educational Group.

Pizza Hut Dough for Dollars Program

Pizza Hut Logo

How to Participate

For each $10 card we sell, our club makes $7. The card earns the purchaser a free medium 1-topping pizza with the purchase of a large 1-topping pizza and can be used 36 times. The Bryan, Wauseon, Napoleon, Defiance, and Findlay Pizza Huts participate in this program. If you are interested, email Pamela Clark at the address listed above.

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Program

Jane Goodall's Roots Shoots

How to Participate

To participate in this program, go to our profile on the Roots & Shoots website and simply join.

Books by the Bushel

Books by the Bushel Large

How to Join

Step 1:  Click on the Books by the Bushel Bonus Bucks link

Step 2:  Fill out the registration form.

Step 3:  Select New Heights Educational Group from the drop down menu.

Step 4:  Complete Registration.

Step 5:  For every book you purchase, a percentage of the sales will go towards NHEG.

Donate A Car

Donate A Car Logo Small

How to Donate your Car

Donating your car to NHEG will not only help New Heights Educational Group but homeschool and charter school students in the state of Ohio, as well.  This includes covering operational costs, providing school supplies for homeschool and charter school students, holding events for the students and more.

New Heights Educational Group is partnered with Donate A Car.

To donate your vehicle to our organization, please click the following link.  Or if you would like call and donate your vehicle, please call 1-800-237-5714 and when they asked for the organization you are donating the vehicle to please mention New Heights Educational Group.

Read the Donate FAQ for all your questions about this program.

Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit Fundraising Program

Little Caesars Pizza Kit Logo

How to Participate

With Little Caesar’s Pie Kit fundraising program, for every item sold, New Heights Educational Group can earn $5.


Welzoo Logo

How to Participate

Step 1 – Click our Welzoo link

Step 2 – Make Welzoo your start page

Step 3 – Welzoo funds the organization based on your internet surfing from the Welzoo portal. When you’re signed in, Welzoo becomes a portal to cool content. Each day you go online, we show you a random website based on your interests. You might see a Buzzfeed article one day, a funny YouTube video another, or if you’re really lucky, a blog of cute puppies.

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