NHEG Tracking Student Growth and Assessments

With NHEG, student growth is tracked with various tools and assessments, which helps us determine where we place students in proper learning level classes.  We are not big on testing or labeling students; we learn the most by working one-on-one with students and by listening to them and their parents.

We currently use Reading Success Lab and Irlen screening and our own assessments in order to help place students in the proper learning level.

Every student receives an assessment/individualized education plan. These assessments are updated monthly with input from the director of NHEG, teacher or tutor assigned, class monitor and family served. We start with a letter from the parent introducing their child to the teacher or tutor assigned, any school reports, IEP’s from outside sources and test results.

After the student is placed in a tutoring program, they receive a private sign-in page to access important information such as curricula pages and all class recordings (for the student to review a class if needed). It also includes information on their teacher/tutor and photos of the teacher/tutor. They also receive a calendar of NHEG events and one for their tutoring.

  • We are always making advancements and striving to bring more resources to our students. We often share outside resources that may help the student in their journey.
  • Every student needs personalized learning.
  • We want what our families want for themselves and we strive to help them reach all of their goals.
  • We advocate and utilize whole-body learning and the use of Brian Gym exercises and plenty of water when learning. This of course isn’t a requirement but a suggestion.

Our methods have shown much success. In general, we see a two-year advancement in as little as nine months for those that stick with our program. The most we have seen is a four-year advancement in a little over a year. We can’t guarantee you will see the same success since every student is different.

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