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Since 2011, New Heights Education Group has been proud to hold graduation ceremonies for the students who live in the state of Ohio. While NHEG is not a school, we show families alternative learning styles, provide tutors and help them achieve their dreams. Our organization also helps meet students’ graduation requirements, prepares transcripts for college, provides a diploma for students and holds a graduation ceremony for both students and their family.

Most of the students that participate in NHEG graduate with a GPA of 3.5 to 4.0. When they are tutored by NHEG, they normally jump two grade levels in nine months. We are especially proud when we help students who have ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, are mentally disabled, autistic and have other learning disabilities and/or special needs.

  • We simply provide speakers, a building, photographer and videographer for the ceremony. Photos and videos may be separately purchased.
  • WE DO NOT SIGN DIPLOMAS. It is the parents’, instructors’ and charter school instructors’ responsibility to ensure the child has completed all required coursework.
  • You do not need to be part of our group to participate in our graduation ceremony. Everyone that has met graduation requirements and wants a formal ceremony with family can participate.

Ohio Homeschool Notification FAQ 

Recognition Day

During this top notch annual event, volunteers, students, parents and teachers/tutors will receive recognition for their hard work and accomplishments. Students can choose to perform family-friendly entertainment and/or share displays of a year’s worth of work and accomplishments.  All families from all school backgrounds are welcome.

Parents are welcome to share certificates with their student and families. You do not need to participate in NHEG to join us for this event. This is a perfect outlet for families in the home school or charter school community.

Graduation Day

Our graduation day is for nonconventional educated students to have the option to graduate in style. Whether you are in a charter school or home schooled, we want your graduation ceremony to become a reality. Your parents or school representative can present your diploma to you. We even have a personalized template for a small fee, and have decorations that families can borrow for a small fee.

Families can choose from a formal/non formal graduation ceremony.

NHEG Home/Charter School Graduation Documents

NHEG Diploma Template

NHEG Diploma Template

High School Transcript Template

High School Transcript Example

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