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Unraveling Reading is a response to the needs and difficulties faced by parents, students and teachers with respect to literacy and education. It presents strategies and alternatives for developing reading and writing in children, youth and adults in a practical and dynamic way.  Through diverse educational lessons, activities address three different learning styles, with consideration for how the brain learns and processes information visually, auditorily and kinesthetically.  Unraveling Reading also includes examples of activities to improve reading and writing skills through movement, using the Brain Gym technique.

Unraveling Reading Reviews

Review by Sheila Wright

I learned a lot, and I was so glad that I read it. We often forget that the student’s whole body contributes to their learning, and the brain exercises are such simple things that can make a huge difference! I think it provides a lot of easy to follow strategies for a variety of readers and learners to follow without shying away from technical terms. Also, I like that it provides insight into the way students learn and think, and that it reminds the reader to encourage and be positive when teaching. It’s important to not only know strategies but the rationale behind them.

I think the opportunity to link to videos demonstrating the strategies would enhance and take advantage of its e-book format. As a writing instructor, there are things that I could share with my adult students who may have struggled with reading in high school or have re-entered college after some time away and are struggling with college-level texts. I’m also much more aware of learning disabilities that students in my class are struggling with or may not even realize that they have. I’ve read a bit about the cognitive science approach to literature (why we read fiction, how fiction affects our brain) so many parts of this book were right up my alley.

Review by Jenni Schreiber

Unraveling Reading made me realize that these “Speech kids” were more than likely just as smart as we were. They were being taught the same material we were, only in a way that suited them. I grew up believing that there was just one style of learning, and if you couldn’t grasp that style, you were isolated from your friends and classmates as punishment. My hopes are that, by publishing Unraveling Reading, there will be less of that segregation, and more celebration of student uniqueness and individuality!

Having a chance to read this book really made me aware that there are several types of learning styles, and even though I am not an educator by profession, I was still able to take away some tips for working with people regarding the different styles. I believe this could be useful when teaching a co-worker a task, a friend, or even maybe when working with my own children with their life skills.

Great job Daniela! You’ve definitely spread the word on the endless possibilities of education.

Review by Ray Simmons

Unraveling Reading by Daniela Silva is chock full of great practical advice and tips for teaching young people to read. I can’t think of many more useful and necessary reasons to write a book. Reading has played a huge role in my life. It determines how I think and what I think about much more than TV or any other medium does. My mother instilled this love of reading in me. She was a librarian. She is also the one that taught me to read and I thank her for it every day. Now I teach children to read and I think this book is going to help me do this a little more efficiently. I already use a lot of the things Daniela talks about, but I saw some new ideas that look like they may be useful.

Unraveling Reading is published by the New Heights Education Group and Daniela Silva tells us a little about the group and its mission. I must say I am impressed with their goals. There should be groups like this all around America, focusing not just on reading, but all aspects and areas of our children’s education. I found Unraveling Reading to be well written, well organized, and full of ideas and advice that will help parents, educators, and anyone else attempting to give children one of the most precious gifts you can give a child. An introduction to the world of books. Unraveling Reading is a very useful tool and Daniela Silva should be commended for writing it. I’m passionate about reading. I think everyone should be.

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About the Author

Daniela Silva

Daniela Silva is Brazilian, and a college graduate with a degree in Pedagogy (with skills in School Management and Business Education), an MBA in Personnel Management, and a postgraduate degree in Neuroeducation.

Daniela has been active in social projects since 2009, with a focus in the areas of learning and human development. Daniela has great motivation to transform lives through knowledge. In 2012 she became a volunteer with New Heights Educational Group, an American Award Winning 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit.

In collaboration with NHEG and working with its founder/director, Pamela Clark, Daniela has developed this book, which is the first in the “Unraveling Series.” There will be a book for each core subject taught in schools. These books will share information on educating those that need extra help mastering a
subject and can be used for any age student.

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